Managing your domain Organization

A domain organization is a user-managed entity that allows your administrators to configure sign-in options for your GoTo users based on the email domain they use to sign into GoTo products. For example, if all of your users sign in with names such as and, then “” is the email domain.

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An organization is not necessarily related to your product account where you do product access management. Organizations simply manage sign-in options for user identities matching your verified email domain(s). The users themselves could be granted access for products in one or more product accounts.

Each organization consists of at least one verified email domain your company owns. You can add additional domains, for instance if your company has branded subsidiaries or acquisitions, set up your Identity Provider relationship, and add or remove users from the organization.

Your organization is created automatically when you enter the Organization Center and validate your first domain - the domain of the email address you first log in with. At this time, the domain name automatically becomes the name of the organization.

Admin roles

Organizations add a new permissions role of organization admin. You will need to define one or more of these for your organization. The first of these users must have administrative access to your DNS servers or web servers in order to complete domain verification. The role is critical: individuals with these permissions are granted the ability to – in the context of your GoTo applications – create and verify your company domains, manage your Identity Provider configuration, and add or remove users from your organization.

There is also a read-only role for the Organization Center that allows users into the center with full access to view the data, but with no ability to create or edit data. This role supports reviewers, management oversight, your IT personnel, etc.

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