Learn about Call Me

Call Me is one of GoToMeeting's built-in phone audio options and is the easiest way for you and your attendees to join the audio conference of a GoToMeeting session via telephone. For participants who wish to connect to audio using the Phone Call option, Call Me allows them to simply enter their phone number and wait for the phone to ring instead of manually dialing the telephone and entering the access code and Audio PIN. Learn more.

Since Call Me is a feature offered during GoToMeeting sessions, it requires both a GoToMeeting subscription plan as well as the OpenVoice Integrated plan add-on. If your account only includes an OpenVoice subscription plan then you or your billing administrator will need to upgrade.

  • If you purchased your account online and are the billing administrator, you can sign up for a new GoToMeeting Pro or Plus subscription plan with Call Me here. Be sure to use the same email address that your OpenVoice plan is under, or else you will be creating a separate account.
  • If your account was purchased with the assistance of  a OpenVoice representative and you are the billing administrator, please contact us to add a GoToMeeting plan with Call Me on your account.
  • If you are not the billing administrator of your account, please contact them and request the addition of a GoToMeeting plan with Call Me enabled.