Dial Out for Android Phones

OpenVoice users can now use the Dial Out feature to instantly add attendees to an ongoing conference call from the OpenVoice App for Android.

Note: Only U.S. numbers (toll and toll-free) are currently supported.

To use the Dial Out feature, users must do the following:

1. Join a conference call using the OpenVoice app for Android. To see the in-session screen, users must return to the OpenVoice app for Android.

2. In the in-session screen, tap the Invite by phone call button.

Note: First-time users must tap Agree to accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

3. Search for the attendee on the phone directory. If the attendee has more than one contact number, use the Action Overflow icon to list all their numbers. Choose a number to proceed.

4. Users can also locate attendees using the following methods:

  • Search/ Filtering - Type a name or number to filter the contact list.
  • Recent calls list - Tap the Recent Calls button in the Number field.

5. Once the attendee's number is populated, tap the Phone button to invite the attendee to the conference call.

To connect to the call using the Dial Out feature, attendees must do the following:

1. Attendees who receive a call from OpenVoice are asked to press 1 to join the conference and press 0 to decline the invite. A notification message confirming that an invite was sent is displayed to the user who invited the attendee.

2. If attendees press 1, they will automatically be launched into session. The users who invite these attendees will also see a notification confirming that they are in the conference.


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