Cancel Your Account

How do I cancel or re-activate my account as an organizer?

Organizers must contact their account's administrator to cancel or re-activate their OpenVoice accounts.

How do I cancel my account as an administrator?

This depends on your account type. If your account was set up through a OpenVoice Sales representative and the subscription fees are paid through an invoice, then you have an offline (i.e., corporate) account and must contact a OpenVoice Sales representative to cancel it. If your account was set up online and the subscription fees are paid online, then you have an online account and can use the My Account page to modify or cancel it.

You can easily tell which account type you have by looking at the My Account page. Offline accounts have the message "To make billing changes, contact us" under the OpenVoice plan. Online accounts display the plan details and have a Cancel Plan button under the OpenVoice plan.

Offline account

Online account