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Schedule a meeting - Office 365

Use the add-in for Office 365 to add meeting details and send invitations to calendar events.

Before you begin:

You need the add-in for Office 365. Get it from the Office store.

Restriction: The add-in is only available for meetings that use a personal link.
  1. In Office 365 Outlook, create a new calendar event.
    See the Office 365 documentation for further details.

    Result: The event Details window appears.

  2. On the top panel of the Details window select the add-in.
    You may be prompted to log in to your account.
  3. Optional: If you want one or more participants to join by phone:
    1. Select Include audio conference details.
    2. Select the conference numbers to include in the invitation.
  4. Select Generate invitation.

    Result: The meeting details are added to the invitation.

  5. On the People panel add participants by either:
    • Entering their e-mail
    • Selecting them from the suggested contacts
  6. Add details and send:
    1. Add a title to your invitation.
    2. Modify the start and end date of the event.
    3. Click or tap Send.

    Result: Invitees receive an email with an invitation to your event.