Supported Languages

The LogMeIn Rescue web site, Technician Console, Administration Center, Command Center, Mobile BlackBerry Applet, and the PIN code entry form are available in the following languages:

de – German ko – Korean
en – English nl – Dutch
es – Spanish pt-br – Portuguese (Brazilian)
fr – French th – Thai
it – Italian zh – Chinese
ja – Japanese zh-TW – Chinese (Taiwan)

The Rescue Applet for PC and Mac, mobile apps, Calling Card, and Instant Chat interface are available in the following languages:

ar – Arabic ko – Korean
bg – Bulgarian nl – Dutch
cz – Czech no – Norwegian
da – Danish pl – Polish
de – German pt – Portuguese
el – Greek pt-BR – Portuguese (Brazilian)
en – English ro – Romanian
es – Spanish ru – Russian
fi – Finnish sk – Slovak
fr – French sv – Swedish
he – Hebrew th – Thai
hr - Croatian tr – Turkish
hu – Hungarian zh – Chinese
it – Italian zh-TW – Chinese (Taiwan)
ja – Japanese

The Android app is available in these additional languages: es-AR, et, fa, in, lt, lv, my, sl, sr, uk, vi

Tip: To resolve problems with keyboard layout during remote control, see How to Use Local and Remote Keyboard Layouts (Keyboard Synchronization).
Tip: For self-hosted Instant Chat, you can add or remove languages to meet your organization's requirements. See How to Customize Instant Chat Language Files in the LogMeIn Rescue Customization and Integration Guide.