Why is my LastPass Vault contents blank, missing, or has been replaced with special characters?

You may be experiencing a sync issue with your LastPass Vault. You can resolve this issue by doing the following:

  1. Click on the active LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar, then do one of the following (based on your navigational experience):
    • Go to More OptionsAdvancedRefresh Sites to force a sync of your Vault data.
    • Go to Account Options > AdvancedRefresh Sites to force a sync of your Vault data.
  2. If your Vault syncing issues are not resolved, clear your local cache by clicking the active LastPass icon Account OptionsAdvancedClear Local Cache, then log out of LastPass and log back in and access your Vault.
  3. If you are still encountering issues with your Vault and have recently updated your Master Password, changed your email address, or changed your iterations, please revert your account to its previous state at Once reverted, access your Vault, then update the same information you had previously changed (e.g., Master Password, email address, iterations, etc.).
  4. If you are still encountering issues with viewing the contents of your LastPass Vault, please contact LastPass Customer Care by clicking Contact Support at the bottom of this article.


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