Why aren't some sites working in my linked personal account?

The linked personal account folder between a LastPass Business user account and a personal user account operates as a Shared Folder between the two accounts.  When viewed within the linked account folder, these sites are subject to the same limitations as sites in Shared Folders. 

These current limitations are:

  • Cannot add sites that have already been shared (or are in a role). You must first unshare these sites.
  • The website allows viewing and editing, but doesn't allow moving into/out of shared folders. You must use the local vault for these functions.
  • Sites can be copied to multiple folders but must be updated manually in every folder. The better option is to use 'restrict' to limit access for specific sub-set of users, rather than copying the site into multiple folders.
  • Form fill profiles cannot be shared.
  • Sites entries cannot be directly imported into Shared Folders.
  • Sites in the linked account cannot be shared when logged in as the LastPass Business account. You must login to the personal account separately to share those logins.