Why am I seeing an "Error: No private key. Cannot decrypt pending shares" message?

If you encounter this error message, it could mean one of the following:

You have never created a Sharing Key.

  • Your Sharing Key can be created in either of the following ways:
    1. Logging in to the LastPass web browser extension.
    2. While logged in to the online Vault (via the LastPass website), go to More Options > Generate Sharing Keys.

Your Sharing Key was created but likely corrupted, and must be deleted and recreated again.

  • The Sharing Key can only be deleted by LastPass Customer Care, however, please perform all actions that apply in the steps below before contacting support.

Step #1: Remove yourself from any shared folders

  • Request that the admin of the shared folder remove you
  • If you are the only admin for the shared folder, assign another user as admin (temporarily), then request that they remove you
  • If you, or the affected user(s) are member(s) of a User Group, remove the account(s) from those User Group(s) – LastPass Enterprise or Identity accounts only
  • If you are the only user in the shared folder:
    1. Move all items within every shared folder into a standard (non-shared) folder.
    2. Delete the (now empty) shared folders (go to Sharing Center in the left navigation > Manage Shared Folders > click the Delete icon > click Yes to confirm).
    3. Purge the deleted shared folder (go to Sharing Center in the left navigation > Manage Shared Folders > check the box to enable the View Deleted Shared Folders option > click the Purge icon > click Yes to confirm.

Step #2: Unlink your personal account (applicable to LastPass Enterprise or Identity accounts only)

Step #3: Remove a specific user from all shared folders

  • If you encountered the error while trying to share with a specific user, please remove that user from all shared folders. Additionally, perform all actions that apply in Step #1.

Step #4: Confirm that you no longer have any shared folders listed

  • The items within each shared folder should now have been moved to a standard (non-shared) folder. Additionally, confirm that you have also purged all deleted shared folders.

Step #5: Contact LastPass Customer Care

  • Once all of the actions above that apply to you have been performed, please contact LastPass Customer Care by clicking Contact Support at the bottom of this article to assist with deleting and recreating your Sharing Key. Please be sure to include the email address of the user you are trying to share with (if applicable).

Step #6: Share items again

  • Once your Sharing Key has been recreated, you can share any previously shared items once again. If you moved all of your previously shared folder items into a standard folder, you can convert that standard folder into a shared folder. Instructions will vary depending on whether you are using a Families, Teams, Enterprise, or Identity account.