Where can I view free Master Class trainings for LastPass business accounts?

You can register for on-demand Master Class trainings for LastPass Enterprise, MFA, and Identity admins to learn best practices, strategies for helpdesk call deflection, features and tools to support different use cases, and tips for increasing end user adoption.

Reporting Best Practices

This Master Class provides an deep dive of LastPass Enterprise reporting functionality as well as recommendations for metrics to watch.

Tips and Reduce Helpdesk Calls for LastPass

This Master Class provides strategies and tools to reduce LastPass helpdesk ticket volume.

Single Sign-On and Password Management

This Master Class provides best practices for marrying your enterprise features, single sign-on, and password management. In addition, the class discusses different use cases for using both features.

Driving End-User Adoption

This Master Class give tips and tricks for increasing adoption among your end-users. Tune in to learn about tools and strategies to increase your LastPass adoption.

LastPass Federation

This Master Class provides an overview of LastPass federation options and walks step-by-step through setting up federation with Azure AD.

Providing Secure Access

This Master Class shares tips for ensuring your employees have secure access to all sites and applications.

Deploying LastPass

In this Master Class, we'll walk through different options for deploying LastPass to your end-users.

Sharing in LastPass

Watch this Master Class to learn best practices for creating shared folders in LastPass.