What policies are available to use with LastPass Workstation Login?

There policies for authentication methods and using single sign-on (SSO) that apply to Workstation Login.

Workstation Login policies

There are a different policies available for configuration, and have different policy names depending on whether you are logged in to the New Admin Console.

Admin Console Policy Name New Admin Console Policy Name Policy Description
LastPass MFA app N/A - Enabled by default as it is a built-in feature of Workstation Login This requires users/groups to use the LastPass MFA app to authenticate using Workstation Login.
Offline Mode Allow authentication when workstation is offline This allows users to log in using Workstation Login to authenticate using a One-Time Passcode when no Internet connection is present.
SSO via Workstation Login Allow using Cloud SSO apps without further authentication This will allow users/groups (assigned to this policy) to authenticate via Workstation Login, then be able to launch Cloud SSO Apps and automatically log in via single sign-on without additional authentication prompts.