What is passwordless authentication in LastPass?

Learn all about passwordless authentication and review frequently asked questions.

What is it?

Passwordless authentication is a feature that allows users to utilize stored biometrics (i.e., facial recognition or fingerprint identification, with PIN Code as a backup) on their mobile device (via the LastPass Authenticator) instead of entering a password to authenticate. Passwordless authentication can be leveraged in LastPass when logging in to your password management Vault, SSO apps & websites, and workstations.

Who can use it?

Passwordless authentication is a feature of LastPass that is available with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on plan.

How is it used?

LastPass Business admins can set policies and/or enable the passwordless authentication feature for users to authenticate using biometrics (instead of a password) in various ways (shown below).
Table 1.
Where you log in How to set up for passwordless authentication as a LastPass admin How to log in using passwordless authentication as a user
Your LastPass Vault
SSO apps & websites
Your workstation (Windows or macOS)