Which features are being retired for LastPass?

Here at LastPass, we are committed to providing new features based on the latest technologies so that we can help keep your digital life organized and secure. While we appreciate your interest and use of the features listed below, we have decided to retire them based on their overall performance.

Before these features are removed from LastPass, we wanted to give you some time to familiarize yourself with learning how to use corresponding features and tools that will replace those being retired.

What is being retired? What will replace it? What are the next steps? Where can I find documentation?
LastPass for Applications

Either of the following:

  • LastPass web browser extension
  • LastPass for Windows Desktop application
  1. Install the LastPass web browser extension or the LastPass for Windows Desktop application.
  2. Log in with your username and Master Password to access your Vault data.
IE Anywhere
LastPass Pocket
LastPass Sesame LastPass Authenticator (or any supported authenticator)
  1. Log in to your LastPass Vault and go to Account Settings > Multifactor Authentication.
  2. Disable the LastPass Sesame authenticator.
  3. Set up and enable the LastPass Authenticator (or another supported authenticator).