Use the LastPass Enterprise Admin Toolkit

Success with LastPass starts with the right resources. The resources below (Evaluation, Implementation, Awareness, and Education) will help you and your business understand the benefits of LastPass Enterprise, and how to implement and use our service within your organization.

These fundamental resources will help you:

  • Build a business case for investing in password security
  • Evaluate LastPass Enterprise as a business password solution
  • Educate employees on the benefits of using LastPass
  • Achieve a successful proof-of-concept and implementation of LastPass


Get started with learning about what makes LastPass a world-class password management solution, and how your organization as a whole can benefit from using our features and tools that keeps your company data safe and secure.

Step #1: Understand Enterprise password management

  • The Buyer's Guide to Business Password Management – A comprehensive guide to walk you through evaluating and comparing password solutions for your business.

  • Review The Resource Center – The LastPass Resource Center provides many materials to help you in evaluating and building a business case for LastPass, including case studies, white papers, and overviews of key features.

Step #2: Learn the key benefits and features of LastPass

Step #3: Make your LastPass trial a success


Successfully deploying LastPass is best accomplished with a well thought-out plan. Start by educating yourself on key administrative features, then follow our recommendations for on-boarding users.

Step #1: Understand key administrative features

Step #2: Create a deployment plan

  • LastPass Deployment and Adoption Plan – An admin worksheet for crafting and implementing a successful plan to deploy LastPass and increase employee adoption of the tool.

  • Add LastPass to Your Corporate Policies – Many businesses want to incorporate LastPass in their official IT policies. Use this stock language and modify as-needed to suit your IT policies or employee handbook.


Just like any other software deployment, the success of implementing LastPass in part depends on educating users about what LastPass it is and why they should use it. We recommend the following steps to ensure LastPass is successfully adopted in your organization.

Step #1: Send pre-deployment emails

  • Executive LastPass Welcome Email Template (1 week prior to rollout) – Use this email template to inform your employees that LastPass will be rolled out to your organization within the next week, and let them know what to expect when it happens.

  • Welcome to LastPass Email Template (a few days prior to rollout) – Use this email template to inform your employees that they will be able to use LastPass in the next few days, and let them know the key benefits of using LastPass as their password manager.

Step #2: Hang up posters and leave materials on desks to raise awareness


Once users know that LastPass will soon be made available to them, help them understand how to get started with their new password manager. We recommend using a combination of the below resources or integrating them with your standard IT training programs.

Step #1: Send your users a Welcome email with helpful resources

  • Welcome Email Template (Post-rollout) – Use our Welcome email template to send your employees that guide your employees from the beginning of their journey once LastPass has been rolled out.

Step #2: Leave educational handouts on employees' desks

Step #3: Leverage our training course

  • Self-service LastPass User Training Portal – We offer a self-paced, modular training portal that you can share with employees to train them on the problems LastPass solves and how to get started with a password manager.

Step #4: Show your users how LastPass works

  • Advise your users to install the LastPass web browser extension and log in (at least once)

    This is important for a few reasons:

    • Allows your users to use some recovery options (SMS recovery or reverting to an old password) if they ever forget or need to reset their Master Password.
    • Allows your LastPass Enterprise admin to reset your users' Master Password (if the policy is enabled) if they ever forget to or need to reset their Master Password.
    • Creates a snapshot of your users' Vault data in the form of an encrypted, locally stored, cached file.
    • Automatically generates a Sharing Key so that your users can create and use shared folders.
  • Get Started as a LastPass Enterprise User – An instructional article on how to get your employees started with using LastPass Enterprise.

  • LastPass Enterprise User Quick Helpdesk Guide – A step-by-step instructional guide on how to get your employees started with using LastPass.

  • LastPass End User Training Presentation – A slide deck outlining steps to get started with using LastPass.

  • LastPass Advanced End User Training Presentation – A slide deck outlining how to use advanced user features and tools.

  • LastPass End User Training Script – An informational script to deliver information about key features and tools of LastPass.

  • Getting Started Training for Employees Video (3:39) – A brief 3-minute overview of how your employees can activate their LastPass account and start using the core password manager features.

  • Extended Training for Employees Video (16:14) – An extended video explaining key LastPass features, along with a live demo of how to use those features.

  • Introductory Video Tutorials – These short tutorials introduce key LastPass features and show how they work.