Use the LastPass Enterprise Admin Toolkit

Success with LastPass starts with the right resources. For this reason, we’ve compiled various resources to help you and your business understand the benefits that LastPass Enterprise offers, and how to get started with implementing and using our service within your organization.

These fundamental resources will help you:

  • Build a business case for investing in password security
  • Evaluate LastPass Enterprise as a business password solution
  • Educate employees on the benefits of using LastPass
  • Achieve a successful proof-of-concept and implementation of LastPass


Introduction to LastPass Enterprise (01:15)

  • Learn why secure password management can't wait, and how LastPass can help, in this brief video.

The Resource Center

  • The LastPass Resource Center provides many materials to help you in evaluating and building a business case for LastPass, including case studies, white papers, and overviews of key features.

LastPass Security Overview

  • A high-level introduction to LastPass' core security principles.

LastPass Technical Whitepaper

  • An in-depth review of the technical details of LastPass' architecture and approach to security.

Overview of LastPass Features and Benefits

  • Learn how LastPass benefits both IT admins and employees.

The Buyer's Guide to Business Password Management

  • A comprehensive guide to walk you through evaluating and comparing password solutions for your business.

On-Demand LastPass Enterprise Demo

  • A recorded demo introducing the LastPass Enterprise service and options available to admins.

LastPass POC Project Plan

  • A worksheet to assist admins in planning and executing a successful evaluation of LastPass.


LastPass Admin Overview Recording (6:38)

  • A high-level overview of the LastPass admin dashboard and features available to admins.

LastPass Deployment and Adoption Plan

  • An admin worksheet for crafting and implementing a successful plan to deploy LastPass and increase employee adoption of the tool.

Policies Best Practices Webinar Recording (53:23)

  • A recorded training of LastPass Enterprise Policies, including best practices, recommendations, and live Q&A.

Sharing Best Practices Webinar Recording (1:02:36)

  • A recorded training of password sharing with LastPass, including sharing use cases, sharing features in LastPass, and best practices for businesses.

Live Weekly Admin Training

  • A live weekly training session with experienced LastPass Customer Success Managers, with live Q&A.

Add LastPass to Your Corporate Policies

  • Many businesses want to incorporate LastPass in their official IT policies. Use this stock language and modify as-needed to suit your IT policies or employee handbook.


Why LastPass? Flyer

  • Share the high-level benefits that LastPass will bring to employees who sign up to use it.

LastPass Getting Started Flyer

  • Let employees know how easy it is to get started with a password manager.

Welcome to LastPass Email Template

  • Use this email template to let employees know that they will soon be able to use LastPass.

Promotional Posters


End User Short Training Video (3:39)

  • A brief 3-minute overview of how to activate your LastPass account and start using the core password manager features.

End User Extended Training Video (16:14)

  • An extended video explaining key LastPass features, along with a live demo of how to use those features.

Introductory Video Tutorials

  • These short tutorials introduce key LastPass features and show how they work.

LastPass Security Guide

  • A handout admins can use to explain the LastPass security model and why employees can trust it.

End User Desk Reference Guide

  • A handout admins can print to share during trainings or leave on employee desks.

Self-service LastPass User Training Portal

  • We offer a self-paced, modular training portal that admins can share with employees to train them on the problems LastPass solves and how to get started with a password manager.