Use the LastPass for Windows Desktop Application

Use Application Autofill

Once you have added your application, you can use Application Autofill by doing the following:

  1. Open the LastPass desktop application and log in with your LastPass username and Master Password.
  2. Select Applications in the left navigation.
  3. Hover over the application, then click Launch.
  4. Click within the username field of your application, then hold CTRLALT + F on your keyboard.
  5. Your username and password will be automatically filled in (as well as any other fields and parameters you configured) and log you in to the application.

    Note: If you have more than one set of credentials for the application, a drop-down menu will display so you can select the credentials you want to use.

Use the Vault

You can use various features and tools within the Vault, including a Search field to filter sites/passwords, secure notes, form fill items, and applications.
  • Click All Items or select an item type in the left navigation, then click the Add icon in the lower-right navigation to create a new password, note, form fill item, or application
  • Click the user account drop-down menu in the top toolbar and select Settings to manage the following:
    • Log out after idle and time selection (enabled for 15 minutes by default)
    • Set pin code to require a 4-digit pin code to access
    • Save a disabled One Time Password locally for Account Recovery (enabled by default)
  • Click the user account drop-down menu and select About to view the version of the application, as well as access our Privacy Policy, User Manual, Support Forums, and Acknowledgments
  • Click the user account drop-down menu and select Logout to sign out of your account

Use the item action menu

Hover over your desired item, then you can choose from the following options:

  • Launch to open your site or application.
  • Edit icon to make changes to your site, secure note, or form fill item.
  • Delete icon to delete your item.
  • Copy Username icon to copy your site or application's username to your clipboard.
  • Copy Password icon to copy your site or application's password to your clipboard.