Trusted Devices

You can manage your trusted devices within your Account Settings for your LastPass account.

When logging on to a computer for the first time using Multifactor Authentication, LastPass will provide the option of approving the computer as a trusted computer by checking the box for the Enable option.

Doing so adds the computer to the "Trusted Devices" list, and ensures that you will not be prompted for Multifactor Authentication the next time you log in. These steps must be completed on every device that you want to mark as trusted.

Note: When logging in to LastPass on a trusted device, you will not be prompted for Multifactor Authentication. Trusted devices automatically expire after 30 days, after which you must re-trust them.

You can disable a trusted computer at any time by unchecking the box for the Enable option next to the entry, or delete the entry entirely by clicking the Delete Entry icon Remove. If you want to rename a trusted device, click on the Edit icon , type a new name into the Label field, then click the Save icon to save your changes. Learn more about managing your trusted devices.