Set a phone number for the LastPass Authenticator app

To finalize the setup process for the LastPass Authenticator app, set the phone number for your trusted device so it can be used for sending security codes via text message as a backup method for authentication in case you are unable to authenticate using the primary method (e.g., push notification). The phone number you set can also be used for the Call Me feature (so that you can authenticate using a voice call).

Before you begin: Complete the steps for configuring your LastPass account before proceeding.
  1. After the enrollment process for the LastPass Authenticator app, click Set up text message.

    Add phone number

  2. Enter your phone number (starting with country code), then click Next.

    Result: A text message is sent to your phone with a 6-digit code.

  3. Enter the 6-digit code sent to your phone, then click Finish text setup.

    Verify phone number with code

  4. Once you have verified by entering the code, click Activate.

    Finalize setup process

  5. Click Done > OK > OK.
  6. Close the Account Settings window.

    Result: You have successfully set a backup phone number for using the LastPass Authenticator for authentication, including receiving security code via text message and/or authenticating via voice call.

  7. Log out of LastPass (select your email address in the upper-right corner of your Vault, then select Log Out).
You have successfully set up the LastPass Authenticator as your multifactor option and logged out of LastPass.