Revert to Your Previous Master Password

If you’ve forgotten your Master Password, one option you have is to reset your Master Password to a previously used Master Password.

About reverting your Master Password

  • If your most recent Master Password change took place more than 30 days after the last time it was changed, this method cannot be used.
  • When you revert your Master Password to the previous one, your LastPass Vault is restored to exactly how it was right before that password was changed, so any changes you made to your Vault (e.g., changes to stored passwords, added passwords, changes/additions to Form Fills, etc.) will be lost.
    • Example: Suppose you changed your Master Password on April 1, 2019, but on April 15, 2019, you have forgotten your Master Password and you need to revert back to the April 1st Master Password. If you do this, any changes you made to your Vault since April 1st are lost; your Vault is restored to exactly how it looked on April 1st right before the password change.

In order to revert your Master Password, you had to have logged in to the LastPass web browser extension at least once since your account was created.

Revert your Master Password

If you have tried other recovery methods and find you want to proceed with reverting to your previous Master Password, do the following:

  1. Navigate to , enter your email address, then click Send Email.
  2. The system now sends you an email which is valid for 2 hours. Click the link in the email, which is sent to your security email if you have set one up, otherwise you will receive it at your LastPass account email address.
  3. A new web browser window or tab opens that indicates the date of when your Master Password was last changed. Click the link to revert your Master Password change. If prompted again, click OK.
  4. A message indicates that your most recent Master Password change has been reverted. You can now log in to LastPass with your previous Master Password.


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