NCSAM Tookit

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), which is the perfect time to prioritize your business’s cyber security goals – and LastPass is just the solution to help you achieve them.

Whether your organization is already using LastPass Enterprise, or you’re planning to implement it soon, or even if you’re a personal LastPass user looking to spread the word, we have the tools you need to make your LastPass initiatives a success during NCSAM.

With our NCSAM toolkit, you’ll have materials to help you increase your organization's engagement and adoption of LastPass, and make a big impact on your community’s cyber security. By the end of October, we want you to have taken real, meaningful steps toward a safer, more productive workplace.

Sample NCSAM initiatives

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to using LastPass to meet your cyber security objectives during the month of October. With the added buzz and resources available throughout the month, NCSAM is an ideal time to promote best security practices and cyber safety awareness, and LastPass is a product that will help you meet many of your security goals and objectives. To make NCSAM a success in your organization, we recommend reviewing the materials we’ve made available below, and choosing one or two key initiatives to help you drive engagement and awareness.

Here are just a few of our suggestions of activities and ways to use the NCSAM materials, but get creative!

If you’re a LastPass Enterprise Admin:

  • Invite more employees to your LastPass Enterprise account. LastPass isn’t just for IT organizations! Every employee in your workplace can benefit from the convenience and security of LastPass. Learn how to add Enterprise users.
  • Use our email templates for new LastPass Enterprise users to send to employees so they are encouraged to get started and understand the full value of LastPass.
  • Provide this desk reference guide to your employees, which is great at explaining the value of LastPass and how to use the web browser extension and Vault in a few simple steps.
  • Give your employees step-by-step instructions on how to get started as a LastPass Enterprise user.
  • Post short messages or online safety tips on internal message boards throughout the month to promote better cyber security practices.
  • Hang posters and leave out fliers in common areas to help create awareness throughout the month. Our LastPass Enterprise Admin Toolkit has great posters in Step #2 of the "Awareness" section.
  • Put passwords to the test with the LastPass Security Challenge. Consider creating a competition among team members to see who can get the highest scores, and who makes the most improvements in their scores.
  • Follow our helpful tips and get the latest cyber security insights by subscribing to the LastPass blog.
  • Use our self-service training portal, which offers self-paced trainings that you can share with employees to train them on how to get started with using a password manager, and practicing better password hygiene.

If you're a LastPass Enterprise trial user:

If you're representing a university campus:

  • Sponsor LastPass on your campus! With turnkey, affordable Internet2 NET+ LastPass packages, all students, faculty, and staff can benefit from a campus-wide deployment of LastPass. Learn more here and get in touch with our team to learn how hundreds of educational institutions are using LastPass.

For more resources, our Admin Toolkit provides:

  • Buyer’s Guide to Business Password Management
  • Introductory videos and Webinars on how to use LastPass
  • Our technical whitepaper
  • Deployment plans and materials for rolling out LastPass including posters and email templates
  • And much more!

View our LastPass Enterprise Admin Toolkit