My phone is unavailable, how do I use the LastPass MFA app?

If your phone is not accessible, you can still use the LastPass MFA app by pairing another device with the LastPass MFA app or contacting your LastPass admin.

Restriction: If you have a LastPass business account, the ability to perform these actions may be limited or prohibited due to policies enabled by your LastPass admin.
Before you begin: Download the LastPass MFA app on your iOS or Android device.
  1. Go to
  2. Click Having trouble logging in?

    LastPass Identity Login

  3. Enter your email address for your LastPass account, then click Next.
  4. Click My phone is temporarily unavailable.
  5. Choose your desired method to recover your account:
    Select this To do this
    Send me a recovery email
    1. You are automatically sent a registration email to pair the LastPass MFA app with another mobile device.
    2. Check your inbox and click Start Registration.
    3. Open the LastPass MFA app, then click the Add Account icon.
    4. Back on your desktop, scan the QR code from the registration email to pair your other mobile device.
    I'll call support Contact Customer Care with the information provided.
You have successfully registered the LastPass MFA app on your other mobile device.