Manage LastPass MFA App Settings

Once you have registered your account and activated the LastPass MFA app, you can view and manage various authentication settings.

View last authentication

In the top navigation, you can view the status, time, device, and web browser of the last time you authenticated.

Refresh the app

To force the app to refresh to seek out new authentication requests, tap or select the Refresh icon in the middle of the screen.

Manage app settings

Tap or select the Settings icon in the upper-right navigation of your screen to manage the following settings:

Set up authentication methods

Tap or select Set Up Authentication Methods, then choose from setting up the following (based on your device type):

  • Touch ID or Face ID
  • Fingerprint
  • Pattern

Reset the app

To delete all of the accounts registered to the LastPass MFA app, tap or select Reset. Please note that resetting the app will require that you re-register any account(s) and set up your biometric authentication options once again.

Manage accounts

Tap or select Accounts to view all accounts you have registered with the LastPass MFA app. You can also tap or select:

  • Add Account to register a new account (learn how here)
  • Edit to remove any actively registered accounts

View authentication activities

Tap or select Activities to view details of all your recent authentication activities, which include:

  • Successful or failed authentication attempts
  • Device OS
  • Web browser
  • Location
  • Account email address
  • Date/time of authentication event

View app info

Tap or select the Info icon in the upper-left navigation on your screen to view the LastPass MFA app's Privacy Policy or Terms of Service. You can also tap or select:

Log out

Tap or select Logout to log out of your current session.


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