LastPass won't save or autofill my data for a Site

Having trouble? Let's check a few things first:

  • Confirm that LastPass is installed and enabled – If the LastPass icon does not appear in your web browser toolbar, be sure that the LastPass web browser extension is installed and enabled.
  • Confirm that you are logged in to LastPass – If an inactive LastPass icon appears in your web browser toolbar, click the icon then log in with your email address and Master Password. Learn more.
  • Confirm that autofill is enabled in your Preferences – Go to LastPass icon PreferencesGeneral > Enable Automatically Fill Login InformationSave.
  • Check that the Site is not Flash-based or Silverlight-based – LastPass does not support either of these platforms. To check if your website is built on one of these, right-click on the website's login fields and view the context menu for more information.

If the above options have been checked and LastPass still isn't saving or autofilling, try the following:

  • Delete the Site entry from your Vault, then recreate the entry by logging on to the Site once again and saving as a new entry.
  • Check that the Site has not been added as a Never URL by going to LastPass icon > Open my VaultAccount SettingsNever URLs. Learn more.

If you are still encountering issues with saving and autofilling, you can capture Site information manually by using the Save All Entered Data feature. Additionally, if your Site uses a multiple-page login, you can use this feature to save your Site information for each separate page. Learn more.


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