LastPass Premium FAQs

At LastPass, we’re making it that much easier for everyone to form good password habits for life. When you have a password manager that goes everywhere you do, you have a strong foundation for securing and taking control of your identity.

LastPass Vault Displayed on All Device Types

What's included in LastPass Premium?

LastPass Premium is a renewable paid subscription plan that gives you access to all the free features of LastPass like a secure Vault, autofill on sites and in apps, password sharing, and free syncing across devices – plus Premium features including:

For more information about feature differences per subscription plan, please see LastPass Pricing.

How do I upgrade to LastPass Premium?

You can upgrade to LastPass Premium anytime at

How do I cancel auto renewal for my LastPass Premium subscription?

You can check your Premium subscription status on your My Account page anytime at If you decide you no longer want to renew, click Cancel and your LastPass Premium subscription will end on the expiration date. After the expiration date, your account will then downgrade to a LastPass Free account, which will still provide you with access to all of your passwords and stored data within your Vault but will no longer allow you to use Premium features.