LastPass Account History

The History feature allows you to view all logins and events for your LastPass account, and the IP addresses associated with them. History is particularly useful if you’re concerned about unauthorized access to your LastPass account.

Note:  Tracking login and Form Fill history is enabled for all LastPass accounts by default.

Topics in this article:

Access your History

Disable History logging

Access your History

  1. Log in to LastPass and access your Vault.
  2. Click More Options in the left menu, then click Advanced.
  3. Click History to display your LastPass account's History window. By default, the current day's Logins are displayed.
  4. You can customize your displayed history by selecting your desired Start Date and End Date, and filtering by the following:
    • Logins – This history filter displays the following for logins:
      • Date the login was used.
      • Name of the domain accessed and/or failed login attempts.
      • Group name of Folder (if any).
      • IP address from which the login was used.
      • DNS from which the login was used.
      • Method by which it was used (e.g., web browser name, device type, etc.).

  • Events – This history filter displays the following for events:
    • Date the event occurred.
    • Name of the domain accessed.
    • Group name of Folder (if any).
    • IP address from which the event took place.
    • Action taken within the account (e.g., change of Master Password, failed login attempts, enable/disable of Multifactor Authentication, login email verification sent, etc.).

Please note that LastPass only records logins and events completed from within your account. If a Site stored in LastPass is accessed without using LastPass to autofill or autologin, LastPass will not record the event in History.

To remove records in History, click Clear History.

Disable History logging

Note: If you are a Teams or Enterprise user, this option may be enabled by force of a policy setting.

  1. Log in to LastPass and access your Vault.
  2. Click Account Settings in the left menu.
  3. Go to General > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy.
  4. For the Track History setting, uncheck the option, "Keep track of login and Form Fill history" then click Update.