If I change my company's domain, how do I make sure my LastPass users are updated?

If you have a LastPass business account and plan on changing your company's domain, you will want your users' email addresses to reflect the new domain.

Please be aware that it is not possible for LastPass Customer Care to change the username of a LastPass account; the Master Password is required to re-encrypt the user's LastPass Vault, and the Master Password is never known to LastPass because we support a zero-knowledge security model.

Users that were manually added to LastPass

For users that were manually added to a LastPass account, they can update their usernames manually within the Account Settings of their LastPass user account (instructions here).

Users that were added via automated provisioning

If you are an admin and have added your LastPass users via automated provisioning (i.e., LastPass AD Connector, Azure, Okta, Provisioning API), you can update your users' email address in two different ways.

Note: The steps below are not supported for LastPass users with federated login that were provisioned via the LastPass AD Connector.

Option #1: Update manually within the Admin Console

If you are an admin with the "Permit super admins to reset master passwords" policy enabled, you can change each user's LastPass username manually. Please be aware that in order to make this change, you are required to manually reset the user's Master Password.

  1. Go to!/dashboard and log in with your username and Master Password to access the Admin Console.
  2. Select Users in the left navigation.
  3. Click to select your desired user.
  4. Click the More icon Elipsis in the upper-right corner.
  5. Select Reset Master Password.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Enter your own Master Password, then click Submit.
  8. Click Change the user's email.
  9. Enter a new Master Password for this user, then re-enter to confirm it. This is required.
  10. Enter the new email address, then re-enter to confirm it.
  11. If you do not want to force the user to change their Master Password, uncheck the Force password change on next login option (checked by default).
  12. Click Submit.

Option #2: Update automatically and force user action

As an admin, you can update your user objects with the new email domain as the email attribute value. This will trigger an email notification to be sent to your users.

The user experience will be the following:

  1. User receives an email indicating that their LastPass email address has changed.

  2. User will need to log in to the LastPass web browser extension with their current email address and Master Password.
    Note:  Email changes can only be made using the LastPass web browser extension.
  3. When prompted to confirm the email change, the user must enter their Master Password and click Confirm.

The user has successfully completed the email change.