Why is the Security Challenge missing from my LastPass Vault?

The Security Challenge has been replaced with the Security Dashboard feature in the LastPass Vault when accessed from the desktop.

Important: The Security Dashboard feature is not yet available in the LastPass Password Manager apps for iOS and Android – coming soon! However, mobile users can run the Security Challenge on their mobile device or log in to their LastPass Vault on their desktop to access the Security Dashboard.

How is the Security Dashboard different than what was offered before through the Security Challenge?

The LastPass Security Dashboard allows users to see an overview of the security of all their accounts in one place. This view is much easier to use and provides actionable steps to help users strengthen their online security.

The previous functionality, which was called the LastPass Security Challenge, required users to manually run a security scan every time they wanted to see the health of their accounts. Now, every time they open their Security Dashboard, their information is immediately available to them. Learn more about the Security Dashboard.

We’ve also introduced dark web monitoring, which allows users to monitor their email addresses for breaches. Previously, users could manually check if their email addresses had been compromised at that one point in time, but in the new experience their email addresses are being continually monitored. Users simply enable dark web monitoring once, and it will run in the background, making sure their information is secure. The new experience also provides alerts in the Security Dashboard and email notifications every time their email address is associated with a breach. Learn more about dark web monitoring.


This feature is not available for LastPass Free users. Learn how to upgrade to LastPass Premium, or view LastPass plans and pricing for feature information.