How do I use my Apple Watch with the LastPass Password Manager app for iOS?

Your Vault is available on LastPass for Apple Watch while you are logged into LastPass on your iOS device. It will always show the Vault of the currently logged in user.

Enable LastPass for Apple Watch

  1. Pair your Apple Watch with your iOS device.
  2. Once paired, log in to the LastPass Password Manager app for iOS.
  3. Go to SettingsSecurity.
  4. Toggle on the switch for the Authorize Apple Watch setting to enable it.
  5. Tap OK on the Security Reminder prompt indicating that you will not be prompted for Touch ID, PIN, or Master Password on your Apple Watch.
  6. If desired, you can toggle on the switch to enable the Use Apple Watch Pin Code, then setting and confirming a 4 or 6 digit Pin Code.

Use LastPass for Apple Watch

From the your LastPass Vault you can view password entries, secure notes, and your items.

a – Tap Search to search favorites, passwords, secure notes, or all items in your Vault.

b – Tap Add to create a new secure note.

c – Tap Vault to navigate through passwords, secure notes, and items.

Search, add, or access Vault on Apple Watch