How do I sign in to my Mac workstation using LastPass Workstation MFA?

As a user, once LastPass Workstation MFA has been set up, you can sign in to your Mac workstation by entering your account password then authenticating on your mobile device.

Note: This feature requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on. How do I upgrade my LastPass Business account with an add-on?
Note: Authentication methods will vary depending on how your account is set up and/or policies that are enforced by your LastPass admin.
Before you begin: Your LastPass Business admin must complete all of the steps in the setup process.
  1. On your workstation, enter your Mac user account password, then proceed to sign in.

    Workstation MFA Authentication screen

    Result: You are prompted to authenticate using your mobile device.

  2. By default, a push notification is sent to via the LastPass Authenticator app. Tap or select Accept when prompted.

    Authentication Prompt on LastPass Authenticator

    Troubleshooting: If desired, click the Having trouble? drop-down menu on the "Multifactor authentication" screen and choose from either of the following authentication methods:

    • Select Enter passcode, then enter the time-based, one-time passcode (TOTP) from the LastPass Authenticator.
    • Select Call me, then click Call me and answer the phone call made by the LastPass automated system. Press the # key to verify your authentication.
    Remember: The last authentication method that was used will be served by default the next time you log in to your workstation.

You are now signed in to your Mac workstation.