How do I set up LastPass Workstation Login for Mac as an admin?

As a LastPass Business admin, you can download the LastPass Workstation Login silent installer and deploy it to your users' Macs. You can also configure policies for Workstation Login that suit your business needs.

Once deployed, your users must run the installer to set up LastPass Workstation Login on their individual machines. When the installation is complete, they will be able to use the LastPass Authenticator's stored biometrics, PIN Code, or a One-Time Passcode to log in to their workstations, depending on the policies enabled.

Note: This feature requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on. How do I upgrade my LastPass Business account with an add-on?

Account and system requirements

  • An active LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on trial or paid account
  • A Mac running either of the following macOS versions with a 64-bit processor required:
    • macOS Catalina (10.15.2)
    • macOS Big Sur (11.2)
  • A mobile device with the LastPass Authenticator installed with passwordless authentication activated – View activation instructions

Step #1: Configure policies for Workstation Login

You can configure policies for your users that involve authentication methods and actions users can do once they have logged in to their workstation.

  1. Log in with your email address and Master Password to access the new Admin Console at
  2. Go to Applications > Passwordless Apps > Workstation Login.
  3. Click New Policy.
  4. Enter a Policy Name.
  5. If desired, check the box(es) for either of the following settings:
    • Allow authentication when workstation is offline – This allows users to log in using Workstation Login to authenticate using a One-Time Passcode when no Internet connection is present.
    • Allow using Cloud SSO apps without further authentication – This will allow users/groups (assigned to this policy) to authenticate via Workstation Login, then be able to launch Cloud SSO Apps and automatically log in via single sign-on without additional authentication prompts.
      Note: While this logs the user in to their Cloud Apps portal, this does not log the user directly in to their LastPass Vault. Users must still log in to LastPass separately to access their password management Vault.
  6. Click Save.

    Add policy for Workstation Login

  7. Select your desired users/groups to assign to this policy.
  8. When finished, click Save.
You have created a Workstation Login policy and assigned your selected users/groups.

Step #2: Download the silent installer for Mac

Save the installer for Mac.

  1. Log in with your email address and Master Password to access the new Admin Console at
  2. Go to Applications > Passwordless Apps > Workstation Login.
  3. Click the Mac hyperlink to download and save the WorkstationLoginMac.pkg file for macOS.

    Workstation Login installers

Step #3: Deploy or distribute Workstation Login

Once downloaded, choose from the following:

  • If your users do not have local admin permissions and you want to install it for them – Deploy the silent installer using your organization's preferred distribution methods. Once installed, provide your users with these instructions for pairing their LastPass account using the LastPass Authenticator.
  • If your users have local admin permissions and you want them to install it on their own – Distribute the installer to your users, and provide them with the following instructions:
    1. Install LastPass Workstation Login for Mac
    2. Pair the LastPass Authenticator app

Step #4: Follow up with your users

Once your users complete the setup process, your users can log in to their Mac – no password required!

To see your end users' passwordless authentication experience for their workstation, please see How do I log in to my Mac using LastPass Workstation Login?