How do I set up and use Face Unlock with LastPass on a Pixel 4 mobile device?

If you have a Pixel 4 mobile device, you can install and use the LastPass Password Manager mobile app for Android, and use Face Unlock as your biometric authentication to fill your login data for sites and mobile apps seamlessly.

Note: Your Pixel 4 mobile device must be running Android OS 10 or later and have the latest version of the LastPass app for Android installed.

Set up Face Unlock biometrics for your device

  1. Set up Face Unlock for your Pixel 4 device under the "Set up face unlock" instructions here.
  2. Under the Face Unlock settings, be sure that the switch is toggled on for the App sign-in & payments setting (enabled by default during setup).

Enable Face Unlock biometrics for LastPass

  1. Download and install the LastPass Password Manager app for Android.
  2. Open the LastPass app on your mobile device.
  3. Enter your username and Master Password, then select Log In.

    Note: If you don't already have a LastPass account, select Create Account in the upper-right of the main toolbar and follow the steps to create a username and Master Password.

    • If logging in to the app for the first time, you are prompted to select Turn On Biometrics.

    • If you skipped turning on biometrics, you can manually enable it by selecting the Vault Menu icon in the upper left navigation, then selecting Settings > Security and toggling on the switch for the Unlock with biometrics option.

  1. Glance at your device while holding in portrait orientation.
  2. Once facial recognition is accepted, you're all set.

LastPass is now enabled to use Face Unlock for authentication when opening the LastPass app and filling in login data on apps and websites.

Use Face Unlock for autofill

  1. Navigate to an app or website on your device (for which LastPass has stored login info).
  2. Select Autofill with LastPass within the login field.
  3. Glance at your device while holding in portrait orientation.
  4. Once facial recognition is accepted, your login credentials will be autofilled, and you can proceed to log in on your app or website.


If you have a biometrics-capable device and unlocking LastPass or using autofill isn't working, check your Security settings first:

  1. Select the Vault Menu icon in the upper left navigation
  2. Select Settings > Security.

If the "Unlock with biometrics" option is grayed out and displays "Not supported on your device" it means you must enable the App sign-in & payments option in your Face Unlock settings.

To enable this setting:

  1. On your Pixel 4 device, open your Settings.
  2. Select SecurityFace unlock.
  3. Enter your PIN, pattern, or password.
  4. Toggle on the switch for the App sign-in & payments setting.


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