How do I resend the LastPass MFA activation email for users in the new Admin Console?

If a user has lost their LastPass MFA activation email, LastPass admins can resend LastPass MFA activation email in the new Admin Console.

LastPass MFA invitations can only be re-sent to active users who have received an MFA invitation before. If you are resending the email to multiple users and do not see the resend option, double check the users you have selected to see if there is a status listed under the LastPass MFA Status column.
Note: LastPass admins cannot resend the MFA activation email to users that have a "Staged" status.
  1. Log in with your email address and Master Password to access the new Admin Console at
  2. Go to Users > Users.
  3. To do this Do this
    Resend to an individual user
    1. Select a user.
    2. Click ... > Resend LastPass MFA invitation.
    Resend to multiple users
    1. Select all the users you want to resend the invitation to by clicking the checkbox next to their email.
    2. Click Resend LastPass MFA invitation.