How do I navigate my Vault?

The LastPass Vault is where all of your passwords, Notes, and items are stored, and easily accessible in the left navigation. Your Vault is a locally-hosted file, so you can access your stored data securely and quickly. You can organize your Vault view by folders, move or manage items in bulk, and manage your user account.

Note: Your LastPass Vault has an unlimited capacity of items that can be added, however, you can expect to see performance degradation when 2,000 items or more are stored.

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Quick access to items in the left navigation

Once you open your Vault, you can easily access your passwords, Notes, and various items in the left navigation. Items are listed by category (addresses, payment cards, bank accounts, etc.), and the categories displayed in the left navigation will vary depending on which items you added first to your Vault.

Below your item categories, you have easy access to the Security Challenge, Sharing Center, Emergency Access (Premium and Families accounts only), Account Settings, and More Options, which includes the following:

Organize your Vault view

The items stored within your Vault are organized by folders (groups) with your Favorites and Most Recent at the top for easy access. You can customize how your folders display the entries within by clicking the Sort By drop-down menu, then selecting the Grid View icon or List View icon . To view a folder's entries, click the Arrow icon to expand/collapse each individually, or click the Expand All icon to expand all of your Vault folders.

As you type in the "search my Vault" field in the top navigation, LastPass searches and filters your passwords, Notes, and items in the main window of the Vault.

Move or manage items in bulk

Several advanced features are available to help you manage your passwords, secure notes, and items easily. You can move items in bulk by selecting multiple entries (click to enable the checkbox in the upper-right corner of each entry), then dragging and dropping your items to new folders. You can also select multiple entries and right-click to perform various tasks on all of your selected items.

Manage your user account

Use the User Account drop-down menu in the upper-right navigation of your Vault to view your Identities, access Account Settings, visit the Help Center, or Log out.


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