How do I migrate from the LastPass MFA app to the LastPass Authenticator app?

As a LastPass MFA app user, you can seamlessly migrate to the LastPass Authenticator app, which includes moving all of your stored accounts that you use for authentication.

  1. On your mobile device, open the LastPass MFA app.
  2. When prompted that the app is being shut down, tap Get LastPass Authenticator.
  3. Proceed with installing the latest version of the LastPass Authenticator app (v2.0 or later).
  4. On the Welcome screen in the LastPass Authenticator app, tap Continue.
  5. When prompted that you will need to set up a PIN Code, tap Continue.

    Attention: If you had already installed the LastPass Authenticator and previously set up a PIN Code (prior to this migration), you will not be prompted to create a new PIN Code.

  6. Enter a PIN Code, then re-enter it to confirm.
  7. Tap Continue.
You have successfully migrated your stored accounts from the LastPass MFA app to the LastPass Authenticator app. As a result, the LastPass MFA app is no longer functional.
What to do next: Once you have confirmed all of your accounts have moved over successfully and you can authenticate using the LastPass Authenticator app for each account, you can uninstall the LastPass MFA app.