How do I limit features, configure parameters, and enable logging when deploying the LastPass silent installer for Windows?

LastPass admins can choose to limit the features that are included when deploying the LastPass silent installer.

Note: Are you seeing something different? See instructions for the Password Manager Admin Console.

Limit installed features for LastPass

You can limit the features that are included by default (view list of default features) in your installation of LastPass for your users. To select features to install, add the selected Feature ID to the ADDLOCAL parameter as a comma separated list.

The following example shows how to install the IE plugin and all desktop shortcuts using the ADDLOCAL parameter:


msiexec /quiet /i LastPassInstaller.msi ADDLOCAL=ExplorerExtension,GenericShortcuts,DesktopShortcut

Use the ADDLOCAL parameter with any of the following Feature IDs:

Feature ID Description
ExplorerExtension Install the IE plugin
ChromeExtension Install the Chrome extension and binary component
EdgeExtension Install the Edge extension
LastpassUwpApp Install the LastPass UWP application (available from MS Store)
PasswordImporter Install the Password Importer tool
GenericShortcuts Install start menu shortcuts pointing to the vault, help, uninstall, and website
DesktopShortcut Install desktop shortcut pointing to vault
Updater Install the automatic updater
BinaryComponent Install the binary component for Chrome

Configure parameters for LastPass

The following additional parameters can be configured for your installation:

Parameter Description/Values
INSTALLDIR Set the installation directory, give full path. Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\LastPass. Example: INSTALLDIR="C:\LastPass"
KEEPUSERDATA If value is set to 1, then user data is not removed during uninstall. Takes effect with the /x parameter.
UNINSTALLSURVEY If value is set to 1, uninstall opens the Uninstall Survey. Default value is 0.
NOLOGGEDOFFJSINJECTION Do not inject javascript into sites when logged off
DISABLENOTES Disable secure notes feature
DISABLEVAULT Disable Vault feature
DISABLEEXPORT Disable export feature
DISABLEIMPORT Disable import feature
DISABLESHARING Disable sharing feature
DISABLEPRINT Disable print feature
CID Specifies the ID of the company, to which the user belongs. Example: CID=1543453455
PROXY Proxy setting for auto-updater. Example: PROXY=http://123.123.123:8080
DONOTKILLONUPDATE If value is set to 1, LastPass won't kill the IE browser when an update occurs.
NODISABLEIEPWMGR If value is set to 1, LastPass does not disable the IE password manager. Default value is 0, which disables the IE password manager.
NODISABLECHROMEPWMGR If value is set to 1, does not disable Chrome password manager. Default value is 0, which disables the Chrome password manager.
AUTOLOGOFFONCLOSEIE If value is set to 1, automatically logs off user if Internet Explorer is closed.
TRYENABLESIDELOADING If value is set to 1, the installer will try to enable sideloading on the machine. Default value is 0.
TRYENABLESIDELOADINGFORINSTALL If value is set to 1, the installer will try to enable sideloading on the machine only for the install. Default value is 0.

How do I enable logging?

To enable logging during install, use /l*v -filename- parameter.

For example:


msiexec /quiet /l*v log.txt /i LastPassInstaller.msi

This also works during uninstall:


msiexec /quiet /l*v log.txt /x LastPassInstaller.msi

Upon success, a similar line appears at the end of the logfile:


MSI (s) (94:C4) [16:45:06:919]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: LastPass.
Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: LogMeIn. Installation success or error status: 0.

Look closely at the end of the line. Unless error status is 0, there was an error during installation. To troubleshoot, search for the error code or the word 'error' or 'exception' in the log file.