How do I import stored data from RoboForm into LastPass?

You can migrate your exported data from RoboForm into LastPass (using RoboForm version 8 or later) as follows:

  1. Export your RoboForm data into a CSV file (instructions here).
  2. Download our LastPass Import Sample CSV file and ensure the headers on the RoboForm export file match those within our sample file as follows:
    • Login = username
    • Pwd = password
    • Note = extra
      Note: Secure note imports are limited to 45,000 characters.
    • Folder = grouping (remove any slashes before the folder names if they are root folders)
  3. When finished, save the export file.
  4. Follow the instructions to import from a generic CSV file into LastPass.

Having trouble?

If you are encountering an error message, "NOTE: This item has been omitted because it has a blank URL." then you will need to change the formatting of your CSV file to ANSI format and rearrange your columns as follows:

  • url,type,username,password,hostname,extra,name,grouping
    • Example:,,,Pa$$w0rd,,,Site's Name,
      Note:  There are exactly 7 commas total for each entry without spaces. For each field that does not have a matching entry from your RoboForm export, a comma should be entered in its place. You must also hit return after each entry to begin a new line for the next entry.

The step above will need to be completed for each Site entry. Once your formatting changes are complete, save the file as a .CSV in ANSI format and import once again.

Notepad Sample:


< make this line blank >