How do I import stored data from RoboForm into LastPass?

You can migrate your exported data from RoboForm into LastPass (using RoboForm version 8 or later) as follows:

  1. Export your RoboForm data into a CSV file (instructions here).
  2. Download our LastPass Import Sample CSV file and ensure the headers on the RoboForm export file match those within our sample file as follows:
    • Login = username
    • Pwd = password
    • Note = extra

      Note: Secure note imports are limited to 45,000 characters.

    • Folder = grouping (remove any slashes before the folder names if they are root folders)
  3. When finished, save the export file.
  4. Follow the instructions to import from a generic CSV file into LastPass.

Having trouble?

If you are encountering an error message, "NOTE: This site has been unchecked by default because its URL is blank!" then you will need to change the formatting of your CSV file to ANSI format and rearrange your columns as follows:

  • url,type,username,password,hostname,extra,name,grouping
    • Example:,,,Pa$$w0rd,,,Site's Name,

      Note: There are exactly 7 commas total for each entry without spaces. For each field that does not have a matching entry from your RoboForm export, a comma should be entered in its place. You must also hit return after each entry to begin a new line for the next entry.

The step above will need to be completed for each Site entry. Once your formatting changes are complete, save the file as a .CSV in ANSI format and import once again.

Notepad Sample:


<make this line blank>


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