How do I filter LastPass users in the new Admin Console?

You can filter users by selecting one or more values to view a desired list of users based on your selections.

  1. Log in with your email address and Master Password to access the new Admin Console at
  2. Go to Users > Users.
  3. Click Filter users next to the Search field in the upper navigation.
  4. Select one or more of the following filter options:
    Filter Name Filter Options
    Account status
    • Active
    • Invited
    • Expired invitation
    • Awaiting approval
    • Disabled
    • Staged
    MFA status
    • Active
    • Invited
    • Locked
    • Not invited
    • Not required
    Admin level
    • User
    • Admin
    • Super Admin
    • Helpdesk Admin
    Security score
    • Low
    • Average
    • High
    • Highest
    • N/A
    Last Invitation Invitation date:
    • Older than 7 days
    • Older than 14 days
    • Older than 30 days
  5. Click Apply changes.

    Click Filter users on Users page

    Result: The users that match your selected filters are displayed.

  6. Optional: If desired, take any of the following actions once filtered users are displayed:
    To do this Do this
    Apply more filters Click Filter users to apply more filters.
    Remove filter(s) Click the X on the filter.
    Remove all filters Click Clear all filters to remove all selected filters and start over.

    Filtered Users Displayed

You have filtered your desired users.
What to do next: If desired, you can take action on filtered users that you choose to select.