How do I export a list of users for my LastPass Enterprise or Identity account?

As a LastPass admin, you can export a list of all users on your account, or filter your report by user status.

  1. Log in with your email address and Master Password to access the New Admin Console at
  2. Select the Export Users icon in the top-right navigation.
  3. Choose from the following options:
    User Status Status Details
    All All users on your account
    Active User accounts that have accepted the invitation and have logged into LastPass at least once
    Invited User accounts that have been sent an invitation email, but the user has not yet activated
    Awaiting Approval User accounts that have been added using the LastPass Active Directory Connector, which has been configured to add users as "pending" rather than automatically active
    Disabled User accounts that are still part of your company account, but their access has been disabled by an admin
    Staged User accounts that have been configured, but they have not yet been sent an invitation email
    Expired Invitation User accounts that have been sent an invitation email but the user took no action and the invitation has expired
    • Invitations expire after 90 days for brand new users (those who did not have a LastPass account when they were invited)
    • Invitations expire after 14 days for existing users (those that already have a LastPass account in our system when they were invited to join this company account)
  4. Once selected, a CSV file is exported which you can download and save.

  5. The downloaded report will contain the following information:
    • Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Account Status
    • MFA Status
    • Admin Level Name
    • Creation Time (UTC)
    • Last Master Password Change Date & Time (UTC)
    • Security Challenge Score
    • Master Password Score

    Note: The exported users report does not support customized columns (if you customized your table view settings for your Users page).

    Result: You have successfully exported a CSV file of your desired users.