How do I create a Recovery One Time Password to use during LastPass account recovery?

You create Recovery One Time Passwords (ROTPs) by logging in to LastPass, specifically using the LastPass web browser extension and/or the LastPass Password Manager mobile app.

What is a Recovery One Time Password?

The Recovery One Time Password is used as a means of recovery to allow you to change your Master Password and gain access to your LastPass Vault if your Master Password is ever forgotten. Since your Vault is encrypted, this is the key that is used to decrypt it during account recovery. Learn more about ROTPs.

Create ROTPs from your desktop

To get the most out of ROTPs, log in to the LastPass web browser extension...
  • On as many web browsers and trusted devices available to you
  • On any web browser where you have cleared your browser cache – clearing your browser cache invalidates your ROTP, but logging in to the extension recreates it
  • On web browsers you don't normally use – you are less likely to clear your browser cache on a browser you don't often use
  1. Install the LastPass browser extension (download here).
  2. Click the inactive LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar.
  3. Enter your username and Master Password.
  4. Click Log In.
    An active LastPass icon active LastPass icon indicates a successful login, and you have created a Recovery One Time Password for this specific browser.
What to do next:
It is strongly recommended that you perform the following steps immediately after updating your Master Password in order to create new Recovery One Time Passwords:
  1. Log out of LastPass on every computer and/or mobile device where you have installed and accessed your LastPass Vault. You can check your active sessions for all devices.
  2. Log back in with your new Master Password.
For each computer and/or device where this is done, a new Recovery One Time Password is created, which can be used for account recovery if your Master Password is ever forgotten.

Create ROTPs from your mobile device

For mobile devices, the Recovery One Time Password works via mobile account recovery, which uses biometrics for facial recognition or fingerprint identification in order for you to change your Master Password. Please see account recovery setup instructions for iOS or Android.