How do I clone a shared item (for editing)?

The recipient of a shared item cannot edit the shared item. If the recipient wants to make changes to a shared item, they must clone the item (creates a separate item entry) and make the changes locally within their Vault.

Cloning an item can only be done from the online Vault at, as follows:

  1. Within your LastPass Vault, select Sharing Center in the left navigation.
  2. Select the Shared with Me tab.
  3. Click Accept for the shared item.
  4. Locate the item(s) in your Vault.
    • To clone a single item, right-click on the entry you wish to clone then select Clone.
    • To clone multiple items, check the boxes for each of your item entries, then use the Action drop-down menu and select Clone.
  5. If desired, you can make changes to the site password or secure note entry, otherwise if no changes are made the entry will be an exact copy of the original.
  6. Click Save.

    Result: You can now make changes locally to your cloned shared item(s).