How do I change my General settings in Preferences for LastPass?

The most crucial General settings control the way you handle going idle and being automatically logged off when you close your web browser. Your selection should be an appropriate balance between security and convenience.


  • Log out when all browsers are closed – Specify when LastPass should log out of your session upon closing all web browsers that are in session with LastPass. Check the box to enable this feature, and when you relaunch a web browser, you will be asked to enter your Master Password. If you want to stay logged in to LastPass upon browser close, leave the box unchecked. This setting is disabled by default.

  • Log out after this many minutes of inactivity – Specify the maximum amount of idle time (no keyboard and mouse activity on the machine at all, not just no activity on the browser where the extension is installed) that you want to have pass before LastPass automatically logs your account out of the active session for the web browser where the extension is installed. After the specified amount of time (in minutes), an inactive LastPass icon is displayed to indicate that you have been logged out. Please note that if any activity on the machine occurs before the specified logout time, the countdown to logout time will be reset. If you want to remain logged in to your LastPass account via the web browser extension regardless of idle time, leave this setting unchecked. This setting is disabled by default.


  • Open sites in... – This drop-down menu allows you to choose whether you want LastPass to open pages in new tabs, new windows, or within the tab you are using. For example, if you click on your LastPass icon
    , click on sites, and select a site, LastPass will launch the URL according to your specifications and proceed to auto-log you in to the site. By default, LastPass will open new pages in tabs.

  • Automatically Fill Login Information – This default setting instructs LastPass to auto-populate any stored login fields (such as username and password) when you navigate to a stored URL.

  • Show Vault After Login – This setting allows your Vault to be opened immediately after you log in to the LastPass web browser extension.


  • Show Sites in Folders– Turn the Folder feature on or off with this setting. If you organize your stored sites into Folders, we recommend leaving this default setting enabled.

  • Hide LastPass options from context menu – Disables the right-click LastPass menu options. This setting is disabled by default.

Form Fill

  • Default Form Fill – To specify your default Form Fill profile, select a saved profile from the drop-down menu. No profile is selected by default, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the Form Fill hotkey.

  • Don't overwrite fields that are already filled – If you wish to manually enter data in a particular web form field, and do not want LastPass to overwrite the field with stored information, enable this setting (disabled by default).