How do I assign users to my Legacy and VPN applications in LastPass?

In order for your users to authenticate using a legacy application or VPN, all users must be assigned to both your LastPass MFA account and the application, otherwise they will not be able to authenticate and log in.

Before you begin: You should add your legacy or VPN application to LastPass. For more information, see the SSO & MFA Admin Console Add Legacy Apps and VPNs or new Admin Console How do I add Legacy and VPN applications in the new Admin Console? instructions.
Note: This feature requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on. How do I upgrade my LastPass Business account with an add-on?
  1. While logged in to the LastPass Admin Console, go to Applications > Legacy & VPN in the left navigation.
  2. Find your application in the Existing Legacy Apps group box.
  3. Click the Assign icon in the row of your application.

    Result: The Assign members pop-up window appears.

  4. Select User, Group or Role to add users.
  5. Click Save when finished.

    Result: Your selected users have now been assigned to your application or VPN.

What to do next: In order for your users to log in and authenticate, they must activate their LastPass MFA account. For more information, see How do I activate passwordless authentication for LastPass?. Once your users are activated, you can go to How do I set up LastPass Universal Proxy? and proceed to Step 7.