How do I add and manage secure notes in the LastPass Password Manager app for iOS?

You can add new secure notes to your Vault, or edit existing entries.

Add a new secure note

  1. Tap the Add icon in the top navigation.
  2. Tap Secure note.
  3. Fill in all of the information you want to store. If desired, you can set your new secure note as a Favorite or Require a Reprompt.
  4. When finished, tap Save in the top navigation.

Edit an existing secure note

  1. Locate the secure note you want to edit, then tap to select it.
  2. From your secure note action menu, you can do the following:
    • View the secure note.
    • Edit the secure note fields. If desired, you can also change the following settings:
      • Favorite
      • Require Reprompt
      • Add an image to your secure note:
        •  Tap the Attachment icon in the toolbar, then choose from the following image options to add to your secure note:
          • Tap the Camera icon to add an image from your camera.
          • Tap the Photo icon to add an image from your photo library.
      • Add a voice recording to your secure note:
        • Tap the Microphone icon in your toolbar, then tap the Record icon .
    • Share to share the secure note with another person. If desired, toggle on the switch for the "Show Passwords" option.
    • Manage Share to view those with whom the secure note has already been shared. If desired, you can tap to select a user's name, then tap Unshare to revoke their access.
    • Delete to delete the secure note, then tap Yes to confirm.

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