About LastPass MFA Account Activation

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I have received my LastPass MFA activation email

I have not received my LastPass MFA activation email

  • If you know of an app or website that your LastPass admin has configured to support the LastPass MFA app, navigate to that app or site and log in with your existing credentials. You'll then be prompted to enter your account email address so you can send yourself an activation email.
  • You can contact your LastPass admin to request that an activation email for LastPass MFA be sent to you.

Once you receive your registration email, follow the steps to activate your LastPass MFA account.

I have not received my LastPass MFA activation email, but I see LastPass MFA as a Multifactor Option in my Account Settings

Depending on your LastPass business account type, you may have the option to send yourself an activation email from within your LastPass Vault, as follows:

  1. Log in to LastPass and access your Vault by doing either of the following:
    • Go to and log in with your username and Master Password.
    • In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon LastPass then click Open my Vault.
  2. Select Account Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Click on the Multifactor Options tab.
  4. Click the Edit icon Edit option for LastPass MFA.
  5. At the top of the dialog, click Send activation email.
  6. Check your inbox, then follow the steps to activate your LastPass MFA account.

I've activated my LastPass MFA account and paired it with my mobile device. What's next?

Now that your account is activated, you can start using the LastPass MFA authenticator by logging in to apps and websites that will prompt you to authenticate. If you're not sure which ones will prompt you, you can check with your LastPass admin.

If you have a LastPass Vault for password management, you can configure your account to use the LastPass MFA authenticator for added protection.