How do I attend free LastPass training?

LastPass is happy to provide free, regularly recurring product training for admins and end users. These trainings focus on LastPass accounts managed by an employer, but all LastPass users are welcome to attend.

LastPass User Training – LastPass Business

Embark will help you get started with LastPass by covering the key account features to successfully protect yourself and your company.

LastPass Administrator Training

For admins who manage their company’s LastPass account. Embark covers deployment, user management, guidelines, and best practices.

For LastPass Personal Users – Free and Premium LastPass Accounts

Did you set up your own personal account and did not get a license through your employer? If so, you have a Free or Premium LastPass account. We do not currently offer trainings specifically for personal account users. However, please consider attending the free user training above as it provides key tips and the important steps to using LastPass. An alternative is using the resources below to help you get started with your account.