Get started with learning about what makes LastPass a world-class access solution, and how your organization as a whole can benefit from using our features and tools that keeps your company data safe and secure.

Step #1: Understand Single Sign-On (SSO) and Password Management

Finding an Access Solution for Your Business: A Guide to Evaluating and Comparing Options
A comprehensive guide to walk you through evaluating and comparing password solutions for your business.
Review the Resource Center
The LastPass Resource Center provides many materials to help you in evaluating and building a business case for LastPass, including case studies, white papers, and overviews of key features.
Search the SSO App Catalog
View over 1,200 integrated apps that you can configure to use single sign-on for LastPass Business.

Step #2: Learn the key benefits and features of LastPass

Watch an On-Demand LastPass Business Demo
A recorded demo introducing the LastPass Business service and options available.
LastPass Security Overview
A high-level introduction to LastPass' core security principles.
LastPass Technical Whitepaper
An in-depth review of the technical details of the LastPass architecture and approach to security.
Overview of LastPass Features and Benefits
Learn how LastPass benefits both IT admins and employees.

Step #3: Make your LastPass trial a success

LastPass Proof of Concept Project Plan
A worksheet to assist admins in planning and executing a successful evaluation of LastPass.