LastPass Admin Management of Trusted Mobile Devices

You can manage mobile device restriction settings for a new or unrecognized mobile device when accessing the Admin Console of your LastPass Enterprise account. You can also revoke or reinstate access to mobile devices that have already accessed your LastPass account, and even rename the mobile device label (UUID).

Manage access restriction for new mobile devices

  1. Log in and access the Admin Console at!/dashboard.
  2. Go to Advanced Options > Trusted Mobile Devices in the left navigation.
  3. Using the Select Action drop-down menu, choose one of the following (options will vary depending on whether the mobile device is already enabled or disabled):
    • Rename – Make your desired changes, then click Save.
    • Enable – Select this option to authorize (or re-authorize) this mobile device to be used to log in and access LastPass.
    • Disable – Select this option to restrict (or revoke) this mobile device from being used to log in to access LastPass.
    • Delete – Select this option to remove the mobile device from your list.


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