Add a New Site

To use LastPass to store your username and password for a Site so that you do not have to remember it and enter it manually, you can add Sites in various ways. Learn more about managing your Sites.

Note: LastPass supports saving and filling basic authentication logins in Chrome for Windows and macOS only.

Topics in this article:

Add a Site automatically

Add a Site manually

Add a Site from Email

Add a Site automatically

  1. In your web browser, navigate to your desired Site.
  2. Enter your username and password for the Site and proceed to log in.

  1. When the Add to LastPass? window appears, click Add.

Add a Site manually

An alternate way to save a Site is to use the Save All Entered Data option in your web browser extension Site menu. This option works best for Sites that have more than one field (e.g. username, password, PIN, etc.) or for Sites that have obscure logins.

  1. Navigate to your desired Site.
  2. Fill in your login data but do not log in.
  3. Click the active LastPass icon SitesSave All Entered Data (for Internet Explorer users, go to the active LastPass icon ToolsSave All Entered Data).

  1. A new dialog box is displayed where you can view all of the captured fields and specify your desired settings for the Site. Click Save when finished.

Add a Site from Email

You can get up and running with LastPass in minutes when you add your most-used Sites from your email. When you sign up for LastPass, you will see a prompt to add Sites one at a time, or from your email.

  1. Click Add sites from email (sometimes seen as “Connect to Gmail" or “Connect to email inbox”).

  1. Select your email provider and enter your email address and password when prompted. If you don’t see your email provider, click Use a different email provider.
  2. Once connected, LastPass looks for emails that indicate you might have account with a provider, such as @facebook or @amazon.
  3. The scan may take about 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on your email provider and how many emails you have in your inbox, but you can navigate through LastPass or do other things while the scan processes.
  4. When the scan completes, LastPass displays the complete list of accounts found in your email. Check to enable the boxes next to each item that you want to add to LastPass (or not) and then select Add. For the Sites you don't want to add, you will be prompted to set a reminder to add them manually at a later time.

  1. LastPass will confirm if you want to reset and save the passwords for your selected Sites. Click Continue to do so. If you click Cancel, you will not be able to restart the process.
  2. When you click Continue, LastPass visits each website and clicks the “Forgot Password?” link. Once the email with the link to reset your password arrives in your inbox, LastPass activates it and generates a new, random password. The new password is simultaneously submitted on the website and saved to your LastPass Vault.
  3. When the scanning process completes, LastPass will confirm how many Sites were added during the process, and how many reminders you need to set for those you opted not to add.