Add a New Site

You can add Sites in a few different ways so that you can store your username and password for a Site so that you do not have to remember it and enter it manually – LastPass will remember for you! Additionally, you can add an unlimited number of Sites to your LastPass Vaults. For more information, please see Manage Your Sites.

Note: LastPass supports saving and filling basic authentication logins in Chrome for Windows and macOS only.

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Topics in this article:

Add a Site automatically

Add a Site manually

Add a Site automatically

  1. In your web browser, navigate to your desired Site.
  2. Enter your username and password for the Site and proceed to log in.

Login window

  1. When the Add to LastPass? window appears, click Add.

Add site prompt

Add a Site manually

An alternate way to save a Site is to use the Save All Entered Data option in your web browser extension Site menu. This option works best for Sites that have more than one field (e.g. username, password, PIN, etc.) or for Sites that have obscure logins.

  1. Navigate to your desired Site.
  2. Fill in your login data but do not log in.
  3. Click the active LastPass icon SitesSave All Entered Data (for Internet Explorer users, go to the active LastPass icon ToolsSave All Entered Data).

  1. A new dialog box is displayed where you can view all of the captured fields and specify your desired settings for the Site. Click Save when finished.