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GoTo Meeting automatically collects information from each meeting you host. It tracks activities such as attentiveness, webcam usage and talk time – things that we normally measure for analytics and product improvements. But now we’re sharing that data with you so you can see how each meeting went with personalized insights reports sent to ONLY to you. No one else sees the report.
Activity is a combination of two different types of GoTo Meeting data. The first includes basic meeting details, like emails, names and join and leave times for every participant. This data is used to build out your meeting history page and populate reports that we show you.

The second type of data is more active. During your sessions, we collect information about activities such as whether your webcam is turned on and who is currently talking. These events are then summarized and stored for analysis which we share to you in the report.
By analyzing your session data, we’re able to figure out areas for improvement – such as whether your meeting had a balanced share of talking or if the attendees paid attention to your screen.

  • Activity: As you meet online, we gather session data about things like talk time, webcam usage and attendee attentiveness.
  • Analytics: We run the session data through our proprietary analytics engine.
  • Insights: We generate private reports with details on how things went and insights that may help you and others think differently about Meetings.
We store it briefly on our servers before transferring the data to Amazon cloud servers via an SSL-encrypted connection. By storing data in the cloud, we can quickly and effectively run information through our analytics engines. The raw data is then retained by GoTo to generate your reports and improve the product. No external access to your information is permitted.
We take the privacy of your information seriously. GoTo Meeting Insights is subject to the GoTo Privacy Policy, which covers our practices extensively. In brief, here’s how GoTo Meeting Insights fits in:
  • We collect data about talk time, webcam usage and attendee attentiveness
  • This information is used to generate your insight reports
  • We do not sell, trade or rent your information to third parties
  • We may use your information to help improve our analytics engine
Just you, the meeting organizer. Only you can receive the results from the sessions you run. Everyone else cannot see or access your information. You are welcome to share your reports to anyone you choose but we always keep it safe and private.
As people participate in your meetings, only their talk time, web cam use and attentiveness (viewing of the screen shared as the top active window) are tracked.
In GoTo Meeting Insights, analytics is feedback that is generated from what happened in the meeting across what we are instrumenting. After the process finishes, we share “tips” for ways to interpret the analytics to improve your meetings.
Of course. You can disable Insights on your My Accounts page at any time. Simply head to your Settings page and uncheck the “Capture insights” box and the reports and emails will stop until you enable it again. All your history about Meetings that have been analyzed will remain in your account.

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