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Feature Sets: Control how folks use

In a BUSINESS account, Feature Sets define "who can do what, and how" in

Example: How-to video

Feature Sets:

Create a Feature Set

We start you out with a default Feature Set, but you can always create your own – as many as you'd like.

  1. On the website, log in to your BUSINESS account and click Users.

    Result: The Admin console is displayed.

  2. In the Admin console on the Admin settings tab, click New Feature Set.
  3. Define features and settings as described at the bottom of this article under About the settings.
  4. Save your changes.

Assign a Feature Set

After creating Feature Sets, you must assign them to users.

  • When you have only one Feature Set, all users are assigned to the Default Feature Set.
  • When you have multiple Feature Sets, you can choose which set to apply during the process of creating new users (individually or bulk): Add users.

Change the Feature Set assigned to users

  1. On the Users page, select any number of users.

    Result: The Change Feature Set option is shown in the top menu.

  2. Click Change Feature Set.

    Result: The Change Feature Set dialog box is displayed.

  3. Choose a new Feature Set and click Change Feature Set.
What to do next:

Users must log out of for the new Feature Set to be applied.

About the settings

Feature settings

Define which features your users can access as meeting host.

remote control
Allow users to share control of their screen with participants.
file transfer
Allow users to send files to participants via
Allow users to use the chat feature.
presenter swap
Users will be able to allow meeting participants to take over the presenter role (present their own screen).
Allow users to record their meetings using the record feature.
Allow users to use video in their meetings.
user can override personal link
Allow users to set their own personal link using the personal link option at

Conference settings

Define how users and their participants connect to the audio portion of meetings.

use conference line
To force your users to use the conference line, select use conference line and define the following:
Conference mode
  • others can use video. Any participant can turn on their video feed, provided they meet video system requirements.
  • others can only talk. Video is not available, but participants can talk on the conference line.
  • others are muted, only organizers can talk. Only the meeting host (your user) can talk.
Start the call
  • when the second caller joins. Allow participants to talk with each other before the organizer (your user) joins.
  • when the organizer joins. Place participants on hold until your user join as organizer.
  • user can override conference start mode. Allows your user to choose how to start the call (meeting settings tab).
Hold music, sounds
  • Hold music: Choose the music to be played while participants are on hold during meetings hosted by your users.
  • play a sound when someone joins or leaves call. Choose whether or not to play a sound when participants join or leave calls hosted by your users.
use my own conference line
To force your users to use your organization's own conference bridge or regular number with multiple lines, select use my own conference line.
Note: For important information about using your own conference line, read this article: Use your own conference number.
lock conference settings
Prevent your users from changing your preferred settings.

Personal Background

All users start with stock personal backgrounds.
Choose a personal background for all of your users.
lock background setting
Prevent your users from changing the personal background you have selected.