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Deploy the desktop app via MSI

    Domain administrators can install the desktop app on multiple Windows computers using the MSI.

    Before you begin:

    You must have administrator-level permissions on the host computers.

    1. Download the MSI.
    2. To deploy to multiple computers, create a group policy object (GPO) and link it to the network using the domain controller (Windows Server).
    3. Optional: To prevent users from switching off auto-updates of, change the GPO.
      By default, the app is auto-updated by Windows for all users. You don't have to install subsequent versions via MSI.
      Note: Using SCCM or another tool to install the MSI on the SYSTEM Level does not allow for setting flags to be modified.

    The desktop app is installed on your users' machines.

    Note: Your users may have multiple versions of installed on their computer. The server sets the active version. It may vary by account. To run sessions using the version installed by the MSI, organizers' accounts must have the version set by the server.